What is the KF Global E-school Project in Eurasia?

Launched by Central European University in association with Korea Foundation, the KF Global E-school Project in Eurasia is a leading technologically supported platform aiming to deliver high level learning opportunities and to connect people with an interest in Korean Studies.

Focusing on all social sciences, the project has been technologically developed to create and sustain a critical mass of students needed to the success of experience sharing and high level class delivery.

The program has also been designed to enable synergies benefiting learning, teaching and research by allowing greater networking opportunities within the consortium.

With a wide variety of prestigious institutions from Russia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Finland, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Germany, France and the UK that have partnered so far, the project is a truly global achievement laying down the foundations for a flourishing development of Korean Studies across Eurasia.



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